Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Our dudes schwacked a bunch of Afghan police Tuesday – green on green, wake the general-worthy blip on a computer chat room deep within the secure network of the task force headquarters in Bagram. It appears to have been friendly fire, a mistake.


The Afghan cops were at remote check post in Nangarhar province – which is the end of the god damned earth, really. They thought the US troops were Taliban. The US troops apparently thought the Afghan cops were the bad guys – fog of war, miscommunication, happens all the time.
When the local cop, one who survived tell the Associated Press he’s “very angry,” and that he and his lazy-ass, barely professional thugs in uniform are “here to protect the Afghan government and help serve the Afghan government, but the Americans have come to kill us." – well, that’s good news for the real Taliban, who are no doubt trying to capitalize on this for their propaganda machine.
Shut up Mr. Mohammad, you wanna-be cop. You wouldn’t even have a job or pay if it were not for America. War sucks and this is a war. It sucks that some US helicopter rockets bombed your buddies. But you don’t really have the right to say that you are the protectors of the Afghan government – not when Americans have been dying in your country for the past 5 years to prop up the fledgling Afghan government. Of course, dumb – stupid NATO public affairs officers on the “island of Kabul” they have no information. The “other” U.S.-led coalition spokesman said he was looking into the report. So, basically, put your head in the sand – don’t give the reporters anything resembling the truth – and wait it out – because the “coalition” is getting hammered for killing the wrong people these days, too many civilian deaths and now Afghan cops.

On Monday, our guys shot up a car full of civilians in Kunar province, nearby. They called it an ISAF checkpoint – but ISAF is merely a NATO acronym for the task force now – in Kunar it’s likely American operating.

That’s perfect propaganda fodder for the Taliban. No one outside Afghanistan cares, so wait it out – let it blow over and move onto some bullshit about re-building schools.


The only “good” news is that crazy Tora Bora Jack Idema has “left the building” – Pol-i-Charki prison that is…Idema, a strange cat who I used to know from the Mustafa Hotel in Kabul, got 10 years for running his own jail for alleged terrorists. Karzai later pardoned him.


His story is unique, and now doubt – Jack will go one telling it – to whoever will still listen.

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