Monday, May 07, 2007

Who are we fighting in Kabul?

Bizarre news from Kabul Sunday. An Afghan soldier flipped and kills 2 U.S. troops outside Pul-e-Charkhi prison - just east of the capital city along the Jalalabad road. Two Of our guys were also wounded.
These dudes were apparently under Combined Security Transition Command, U.S. soldiers assigned the task of training and mentoring Afghan forces. Our guys were leaving the prison perimeter when the shooting started upon their convoy. The shooter was gunned down by Afghan forces from within the prison security detail.

No motive, so far.

This investigation must have things at Camp Phoenix hopping, Bagram too. Imagine if our guys began to lose trust of the Afghans they patrol alongside. That would create a challenge.

The press officer played up the cooperation with the Afghan Army continues slant - a hard sell consider two troops are headed home to be buried.

So who are we fighting in Kabul? Some Army officers still think it's the press...

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Thursday Next said...

This was a sobering post. Have we no hope?