Thursday, May 17, 2007

Warrior Returns On His Shield

The story I read today in U.S New and World Report has me absolutely stunned. The article, about the writings and experiences of Staff Sgt. Darrell Griffin before he was shot by a sniper Mar. 21 in Sadr City, worsened my already somber mood. This is, by far, is the best piece of journalism about Iraq recently – trust me I read it all. If you are a soldier or a veteran, make sure you’ve got nothing else to do after reading this story – because it will fuck with your head.
Learning of SSG Griffin’s life – his philosophy on warfare and his personal courage – I was first struck by what a significant loss America suffers when a warrior like Griffin falls. Then I tried to grasp his family’s suffering. Finally, I became lost in my own thoughts of combat – how I wrote about guys like Griffin and also served my time in uniform beside troops of Griffin’s caliber.
This war is not over, for so many of us. For many around me here in the civilian world – the war never began.

Rest In Peace Staff Sgt. Darrell Griffin – like a Spartan, you returned on your shield.

LINK: US NEWS – Darrell Griffin

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