Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Iraq Presentation In New Haven

A fellow New Havener has also been covering the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Daniel Smith has gone over a few times and is planning another trip to Iraq. Before he goes, he’s holding a fundraiser here in New Haven – “Images of Iraq” on May 31.
Smith will speak about his “un-embedded experiences” in the war-torn country in a visual presentation.-accompanied by violinist Netta Hadari, playing music of J.S.Bach. Free food and wine. Proceeds support charities for the people of Iraq, including Daniel's efforts to bring medical equipment/funds.

8:00 PM Thursday, May 31st United Church on the Green
323 Temple Street (corner of Elm St) New Haven
For more information, call (203)901-7558 or visit

It seems like it might be worth checking out – if you live in the area. I will be there, not like I really need to see more images of Iraq – Lord knows I see them inside my skull each night with a much different soundtrack than Bach!


Anonymous said...

Good to understand the enemy. I'm curious.. when you spoke to the Defense Intel guy, what was his rely as to which was the greater threat --Israel or the House of Saud??
a friend from Bagram days...

hoochBP12 said...

First of all, the Defense Intel guy was struck with surprise - so the discussion turned to how I understood about al-saud and Wahhabis. Then, he told me as a Sunni Iraqi - who grew up in America, he saw the problem from outside his normal culture and religion - that his perspective was that people clearly see the Israel-Palestinian conflict as the obvious root of conflict in the Middle east - the Wahhabi/al-saud conflict was just as dangerous - yet unknown to most. There are few Western reporters allowed to cover anything in Saudi Arabia - let alone the rival insurgent movement. So again, we are forced to know only what we can through limited open source infromation - because the Saudis also understand the importance of controlling messages. Perhaps the DIA guy had covert sources to analyze on Wahhabi terrorists- but the general public does not.