Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Muslims OK With Attacks, Support Al-Qaeda and Want US Out

A recent poll of Muslims suggests that many of them want America out of the Middle East and that many agree with Al-Qaeda. (Okay, let's go. Good luck to you)
The survey was conducted by Washington-based World Public Opinion and the University of Maryland. They conducted the poll in Egypt, Morocco, Pakistan and Indonesia. They did the in-home interviews with about 1,000 in each country, using the native languages. So, 74 percent want us to pull up stakes from Islamic countries. Apparently many think attacks on American troops are justified, from 91 percent of Egyptians and 69 percent of Moroccans. Of the Indonesians, 61 percent are against attacks on U.S. troops. The Pakistanis are divided 31 percent for attacks and 33 percent against.

Poll Results:

NEWS STORY: http://www.reuters.com/article/topNews/idUSN2332112320070424

All right, I’ve had enough trying to “help” the people of the Middle East and Central Asia with their so-called democracy and freedom, having my brothers in arms paying the price. Pack up boys, let move out.
We're not wanted? Attacking us is okay? Let’s just leave them to it. After all, we’ve been around their areas enough to have some detailed “target analysis” – let’s back off, let them build their “great Islamic democracy” based on outdated Sharia laws and see what happens. Inshallah, if God wills it – right? Well, good luck to ‘em.
(If things get too crazy afterward, we have the targets picked out for the Air Force to conduct surgery from the sky.)

But how can we get out now without losing face? Doesn’t it seem that withdrawal screws with our pride more than anything?

Still, Harry Reid is a punk, who doesn’t know us ass from a flak vest. He shouldn't be the one to declare the war is lost. He is the Democrats’ numb skull answer to President Bush, they are both quite uninformed about the reality of war and shoot their ignorant mouths off to TV cameras.

Sadly, with news agencies downsizing and coverage limited due to security reasons – we are not gaining a whole lot from the news about soldiers and their actual fight. That void is filled with political rhetoric from career politicians. Now, my mother doesn’t know who to believe. Amid the confusion and frustration, many Americans are either clinging to patriotic ideals and blindly supporting the war or pissed off – blaming Bush and tuning out.

So how long is this going to continue this way? What unique times we’re living in.

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