Thursday, April 05, 2007

Flags Are Burning, Flags In Tatters

The Associated Press has a decent story about our troops in Zabul province. It’s disappointing to hear about guys in the same place, doing that same things as our guys did two and three years ago – with little apparent progress. And they are still largely forgotten in the reporting of the war. But this is a good read and gives a unique perspective of the fight in South Eastern Afghanistan.

AP Story – Men In Black, Zabul Province,,-6532851,00.html

Meanwhile, the Yalies are burning flags here in New Haven. Guys their age are defending their right to do that…I don’t like to hear about our flag being burned.
But I also see many U.S. flags displayed in tatters. Each day I spot one. Often, I go into the store or gas station – some of the worst violators – and ask them to take torn flags down and replace them. It’s surreal to think there were so many flags posted after 9/11 and now they are worn and faded, separating at the seams so the stripes fly solo in the breeze.
Before you blast the Yalies burning the flag, start checking in your neck of the woods to see how people where you live are treating our flag. And never forget that the guys that die in Iraq and Afghanistan wear that flag as a patch on their right shoulder.

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