Thursday, April 26, 2007


Everyone should watch this 60 Minutes piece on the Internet about Cpl. Darby, the guy who had the courage to unveil the torture at Abu Gharib in late 2003. You’ve all heard about the scandal and the details of the late-night photo shoots with naked Iraqis. What you have not likely heard is how Darby is adjusting to life outside the Army now.

(60 minutes has a series of clips online, together they amount to an entire news story, click on them in order and try not to get discouraged by the Blackberry commercials)

He and his wife were forced to relocate from their hometown. Townspeople, even family turned against him. Here’s a guy who stood by the Army values and apparently paid a heavy price that has changed his life forever.
Some say his actions emboldened the enemy and he should have stood by his fellow soldiers. He could have never said a word. The Iraqi prisoners – so many who were innocent simply dudes caught up in the post-invasion fervor that had our occupation troops hog-tying “curfew violators,” could still be locked up in Saddam’s version of Dachau, piled up naked each night with some dumb redneck troops pointing at their nuts.
Darby did the right thing, even when no one was looking. That’s honor. His values, our values, compelled him to walk a righteous path – even if it threw the politics of war into a tailspin.

It just sucks that his life got so screwed up in the aftermath.So many of us are in a similar looking boat.

60 Minutes

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