Monday, April 02, 2007

Al-Qaida Gets Their Message Out...Do We?

This Sunday, the AP in Cairo, Egypt, filed a wire story on the latest al-Qaida video – the attack on a U.S. base in Kunar province, Afghanistan.
Apparently is was produced by As-Sahab – the terrorist production company of choice. The four-minute clip – “Holocaust of the Americans in the land of Khorasan, (what the bad guys call Afghanistan) shows the insurgents in a firefight with our guys.
These videos are apparently are a big deal in other parts of the world – yet we may see a short glimpse on the news. Are these sites screened or filtered to limit our access to seeing their propaganda? One company, Intel Center, compiles and sells these videos – mostly to government I suppose, see link below.
Last Sunday, the AP in Cairo reported on an al-Qaida Internet video posting where this thug Abu Yahia al-Libi called for Somali mujaheeden to continue a third front with gang wars in Somalia.(See link below)

Al-Libi was one of the little bastards that took part in the great escape at Bagram in July 2005. I’ll never forget waking in the early hours to the PA system to “Sweep Your Area!” They did not want to announce that four prisoners had escaped from the detention center – adjacent to the U.S. headquarters and just 50 feet from the media cell office – so they just yelled out – “Sweep Your Area!” One of the guys in my hooch, Sgt. Jackson, donned his helmet and battle rattle - still in his boxers – and took a broom to port arms – “I’m ready to sweep,” he said.
It was only a few hours later that we learned that four al-Qaida insurgents not only got out of the detention center, but they apparently moved though the base at night, crossed the Hesco barriers and razor wire – though mine fields and escaped an extensive search by U.S. forces in the air and on the ground. Not only did Al-Libi make it out – he apparently is using his celebrity status from the escape to be the mouthpiece on al-Qaida videos.
Have you ever tried to find real al-Qaida websites or videos mentioned in the press? I seem to have no luck. At times, I saw the sites blocked. Others that might be terrorists sites are in Arabic and I only understand the basics of their script.
A Yahoo search turns up news and information about Al-Sahab. But what is their actual website? Apparently, the AP in Cairo knows – they seem to do all the wire service reporting on when and where an al-Qaida video breaks.

People in the Arab/Muslim world can see and hear Al-Qaida though the Internet and satellite TV. They get weekly updates from the Taliban, terrorists/insurgents, mujahedeen/holy warriors. The enemy has spokesmen and they are hard at work spreading their message in this war or words.

Here in New Rome, we're lost in a sea of cable TV - where we allow men in expensive suits to shout at us from a glowing box in our living room decide whether we hate Dick Cheney or Nancy Pelosi more - which likely lasts just a few seconds and then we click over to a re-run of "Everybody Loves Raymond."

AP Cairo story on Al-Libi:


NPR – Story on As-Sahab (al-qaida media outreach)

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